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4U Pharma is a Swiss company, dedicated to develop and produce the highest quality products, and make them available and adapted to the needs of our families and our children.

Our products are premium products in their category, high quality, completely safe for our youngest and most sensitive patients – newborns and infants!

What’s more important – they have a purpose.

In all counties in which we cooperate, we are a credible partner of national Paediatric Associations and Neonatology Associations, and we cooperate with them on mutual projects with one goal – to facilitate the well-being of our children.

Considered as a partner of trust, 4UPharma products are recommended in all countries by local Authorities and relevant government bodies, such as the Ministry of health. Furthermore, in most of countries, our products have become part of the National recommendations of Neonatology Associations, Paediatric Association, Ministry of Health, as well as expert groups.

About us

4U Pharma GMBG group

The head office of 4UPharma is located in Switzerland. It is responsible for financial investments, technical, technological, and medical developments of products, and control of the financial operations of the company.

The products of 4U Pharma are registered and selling in twelve countries in Europe.

There are registered subsidiaries in some markets, which are owned by the Swiss company, and on other markets, 4UPharma does its business operations through its partners or distributors. 4UPharma representatives are employed in all markets we currently operate in, through our companies or partners (distributors).

Production facilities for our products are located in countries of European Union. Furthermore, there is one production site in Israel, and one in South Korea.

4U Pharma GMBG group

Quality and production facilities

4UPharma is aware how sensitive the young users of its products are in the early childhood, and no compromises are made regarding the quality of the ingredients used in the production.

Authorities and low require special, higher requirements regarding product quality for newborns. Quality of our products is confirmed with a certificate of quality issued by an accredited EU laboratory, as well as additional quality controls done by national laboratories in countries in which 4UPharma operate. The Certificate of Quality follows each production batch of products as a standard document for import into the country for which it has been intended.

All 4UPharma production facilities meets the highest quality standard requested by the European Union. According to the EU requests 4UPharma in Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department perform all in, process and finished product quality control.

The products are registered and certified according to all standards given by the European Union. Certificates are submitting to local Authorities, and without these certificates registration and export to any country are not possible.

Our ideology

Our ideology

Our ideology is to create and offer the highest quality natural products for children and families, using the expertise and the knowledge of medical and herbal sciences of world-recognized scientist who are taking part in the creation and the development of products, advanced and innovative technologies, using ingredients of the highest quality and finally testing the products during every phase through clinical studies, in order to confirm their efficacy in preventing and treating diseases.

Nature and nurture defines 4U Pharma and its located at the core of our company is.

We truly believe that everything we need for food or medicine, grows or can be found in our natural environment (in nature).

We want to educate our customers and patients about the nature’s potential in the service of medicine, and healthy dietary habits as a foundation of a healthy life.

Our mission is to encourage the collaboration between all relevant factors who affect children’s development – from parents, family and friends, to the medical experts and pedagogues.

4U Pharma understands the importance of the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development in early childhood as precondition for a good and quality life in adulthood.

Our ambition is to inspire individuals and society to create an environment that has a positive impact on the children’s development.

We exist in order to build the foundations of a childhood that will bring happiness in adulthood.

4U Pharma believes that love, care, and knowledge of the entire community creates healthy development and happiness of a child.

We share Nelson Mandela’s idea given in the following thought:
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

4U Pharma donates 10% of its annual profit, officially reported in the Balance company statement, submitted to the local financial Institutions, towards social valuable projects dedicated to the education of people in different fields.

We truly believe that through education we can make people happy, healthy, and help them obtain a positive approach to life, filled with meaning and purpose.

The application process for these funds is very simple, and it includes the following requests:

  • Every person, legal entity or NGO, inside or outside of the company can apply for social valuable funds.
  • The project must be executed on a national level, and it needs to have an educational purpose for the community.
  • Project’s goals and purpose need to be presented clearly.
  • Content of the project, conditions and funds needed for the project are submitting in free form. 

Application dates:

  • From the 1st to the 15th of November, projects are submitting for the next year
  • E-mail address for project application:
  • Projects will be evaluated by the 4U Pharm board of directors, and a decision will be made by the 28th of February.
  • Project funds will be approved and realized by the 15th of March

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