A new superhero of healthy growing up – what once used to be fish oil, today is tiny, but powerfull krill!
DHA Omega-3 fatty acid from marine microalgae – a high purity and concentration source for smart little heads!
DHA Omega-3 fatty acid from marine microalgae for your baby's healthy brain and vision development!

A new superhero of healthy growing up – what once used to be fish oil, today is tiny, but powerfull krill!

  • Krill

    Tiny, powerful crustacean with unique healthy ingredients, necessary for healthy growth and development of children! It lives in the Southern ocean, the purest water in the World – that is why krill oil is the best, the purest source of Omega-3 for children!

  • Omega3

    New-generation Omega – 3! Phospholipid factor!

    Phospholipids are fats which help Omega-3 better integrate into the cell membranes. Considering that our cells are made of this kind of lipids, Omega-3 is more easily, faster and better used by our body. – Incredible 40% more Omega – 3 than in fish oil!

  • Choline

    “Memory vitamin” in krill oil, not present in fish oil. Choline is an essential nutrient similar to vitamins, participating in the metabolism and transport of lipids, but also in synthesis of the important substance for the transfer of information in the nervous system!

  • Astaxanthin

    The most powerful natural antioxidant. Krill oil contains it – that makes a difference! Owing to its strong antioxidant effect it has an anti-inflammatory, but also anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effect! It prevents oil against oxidation and keeps quality. Adding preservatives is not necessary.

  • GLA

    Borage seed oil is the richest source of Omega-6 fatty acid GLA, even richer than evening primrose. This is the only Omega-6 fatty acid which has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents skin inflammatory processes, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

  • Soft gelatin capsules Small but powerful!

    Phospholipids make Omega-3 more efficient and stable. This allows having a higher level of Omega-3 in a small capsule for children.

There are many good ways for children to grow up healthy.

We were interested in the best one.

A unique formulation provided by nature as a source of essential Omega-3, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin directly from the purest waters on Earth is exactly krill oil. It is more than only Omega-3. Phospholipid form of Omega-3 and choline raise krill oil to a higher level! Krill is a small crustacean, coming from the Antarctic waters, the cleanest waters in the world! It is a shrimp-like creature full of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Not larger than a paper clip, krill spends most of its life feeding on microscopic algae and plays an important role in the ecosystem of oceans, which is an integral part of survival of many marine species.

Why is MegaKid Krill unique?

Here are our 7 great advantages!

Krill oil is the only clinically proven oil which enhances the level of Omega-3! Increases the level of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA These essential fatty acids are one of the most researched nutrients, and are very important for the development of the brain, mental and cognitive functions, memory, attention and concentration. They influence healthy development of vision and eye function, and additionally, the heart and liver. Comparing to fish oil, they are in phospholipid form in krill oil – that makes a difference! After 7 weeks the level of Omega-3 in blood is by incredible 45% higher in comparison with the same amount of fish oil supplementation!

Phospholipid advantage

Phospholipids are fats which help Omega-3 fatty acids better integrate into the cellular membranes. Considering that our cells are made of this kind of lipids, Omega-3 from krill oil in this form can be more easily, faster and better used by every cell in our body. Omega-3 acids in phospholipid form in krill oil have amazing 40% better bioavailability than Omega-3 acids in fish oil!

It contains choline

Choline is an essential nutrient of vital importance for many functions in the body, such as the transfer of information and signals in the nervous system, function of the liver and muscles. Our body cannot synthesize it in sufficient amounts; that is the reason why we have to take it with food. We also call it a “memory vitamin”- its key role in the transfer of information in the nervous system has a great impact on the development of cognitive functions, concentration, attention and memory.

Natural antioxidant astaxanthin

This natural antioxidant gives beautiful red color to krill oil. As one of the strongest antioxidants, it protects oil from oxidation, thus it is not necessary to add preservatives!


Borage oil as a rich source of GLA – Natural therapy for eczema, more powerful than evening primrose oil! Gamma-linolenic fatty acid (GLA) is Omega – 6 fatty acid, which unlike other fatty acids from this family, is the only one with the anti-inflammatory effect. Owing to its strong anti-inflammatory effect, GLA is a natural “supplement” often used for treating the eczema.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is well-known to all parents! It is not important only for healthy bones and primary teeth, but owing to its strong anti-inflammatory effect prevents allergies, atopic dermatitis and eczema and, of course, boosts the immune system!

Small, but powerful capsules

Krill oil offers a more efficient solution in the smallest capsules intended for children! It is exactly because of the phospholipids which make krill oil ingredients better absorbable and more stable. A great amount can be put in a small capsule! If a child chew the capsule, a shrimp-like taste will be felt. Most children like this taste! It is not a problem!

Well tolerated. Easily digested!

There is no more fish. Many children connect taking Omega-3 with unpleasant taste. When they try krill oil, they change their opinion. Phospholipids are well mixed with water and thus krill oil is mixed with the stomach contents and does not stay on the surface – a reason for fishy taste of fish oils, nausea and reflux.

  • New generation of Omega – 3 – 40% better efficiency of krill oil!

    Omega-3 in phospholipid form in krill oil has amazing 40% better bioavailability than Omega-3 in fish oil! Owing to these phospholipids, our krill ensures that Omega-3 EPA and DHA are transported and absorbed by organs that need them most – the brain, heart, eyes and liver.

  • Omega – 3 and GLA are important in therapy of allergies, eczema and atopic dermatitis

    It has been clinically proven that level of Omega-3 in the membrane of the red blood cells has important impact on occurrence and severity of atopic disease and eczema in children. Everyday supplementation can prevent and also treat allergy, eczema and other inflammatory conditions in children.

  • Attention disorder and behavior disorder – is there a medicine?

    It has been shown that combination of DHA, EPA and Omega-6 fatty acids (GLA) can positively influence concentration, studying and improvement of ADHD symptoms and conditions such as anxiety/reticence, dyslexia and aggression.

DOSAGE RECOMMENDATIONS The product is intended for children over the age of 3. One capsule a day is recommended for:

  • Normal development of the brain, studying, memory, better concentration
  • Boosting immune system
  • Prevention of inflammatory and allergy diseases.

Therapeutic dose is 2 capsules a day for the following diseases:

  • Atopic dermatitis, eczema and allergic asthma,
  • Hyperactivity in children, attention and concentration disorders.

IN THE ACUTE PHASE, it is recommended to use up to 4 capsules a day in consultation with a pediatrician.

  • New-generation Omega-3 - Powerful krill oil with 40% higher efficacy than fish oil
  • Valuable ingredients of krill oil are also choline („memory vitamin“) and astaxanthin (powerful natural antioxidant“)
  • For brain development, concentration, attention and memory, krill oil with GLA and vitamin D3 – prevents allergy, eczema and atopic dermatitis