A new superhero of healthy growing up – what once used to be fish oil, today is tiny, but powerfull krill!

DHA Omega-3 fatty acid from marine microalgae – a high purity and concentration source for smart little heads!

DHA Omega-3 fatty acid from marine microalgae for your baby's healthy brain and vision development!

"Sun vitamin" and "blood coagulation vitamin" – vitamins essential for the healthy development and protection of newborns!

"Sun vitamin" for healthy and strong bones and baby teeth!

Kills viruses and cures infection! One and only for the treatment of viral infections!

Essential oils of mint, lavender, and eucalyptus – for children’s noses that breathe!

Probiotics for children with vitamin C and Zinc in form of chocolate bears of irresistible taste that children love!

Powder for oral rehydration, of a composition intended for children, with a pleasant taste of strawberry!