Viranto Forte
a new formulation of unique ingredients

Viranto Forte is a syrup of natural composition and a unique and new formulation, intended for the treatment of colds and flu.

Viranto Forte – a new formulation of unique ingredients

In addition to elderberry extract, the effect of which on viruses has been clinically proven, Viranto Forte contains Pelargonium (South African Pelargonium extract) as the main ingredient – the most clinically tested medicinal plant. For Pelargonium, there is the most clinically strong evidence in the treatment of respiratory infections, especially upper respiratory tract infections (inflammation of the throat, tonsils, sinusitis), and acute bronchitis is an officially approved indication in European Union countries.

Viranto Forte also contains zinc and a high concentration of all-natural vitamin C from acerola and rosehip extract.

After many years of research, the scientific development team of 4Upharma has managed to develop the highest quality combination of natural ingredients, which, through their synergistic action, act most effectively on viruses, without any side effects.

Viranto Forte can now be bought in all better stocked pharmacies in packages with 50% more syrup. The product is sold with a 50% higher quantity until stocks last.


Black elderberry and its effect on viruses

Black elderberry and its effect on viruses

Namely, scientific research has shown how elderberry fruit extract can work by preventing the virus from entering the cell, while activating the immune system to respond adequately. Studies have shown that elderberry can block the replication of the virus, even after the virus enters the cell, at different stages of viral infection.

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