Recovery after a miscarriage and planning a new pregnancy

Spontaneous abortion is difficult to bear and it takes strength and time for one of them to recover. Apart from the fact that the body must physically recover, it is also necessary for it to heal emotionally. Learn more.

Recovery after a miscarriage and planning a new pregnancy

A difficult event such as abortion can provoke different emotions, moreover a whole range of emotions. It takes several weeks for a woman’s body to physically recover from abortion. How long it will take to recover depends on the period of pregnancy during which the abortion occurred.

 Physical changes after abortion

After an abortion, women usually experience the following:

Vaginal bleeding, similar to menstruation. It can last longer than a week after an abortion. It can be mild or abundant.

Stabilization of the cycle in the period from 3 to 6 weeks.

Pain and cramps in the lower abdomen, about two days after the abortion

Breast discomfort, bloating, or milk leakage. It stops in about a week.

 • Some pregnancy hormones remain in the bloodstream for one to two months after an abortion.

How to prevent infection

After visiting the doctor and following all the instructions you received, there are a few things you can do to prevent infection while you are still bleeding.

That includes:

• Use pads, not tampons.

• Do not go to the pool.

• Take a shower, do not bathe.

• Do not have sex.

• If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics, you must use them as directed until the end of therapy.

Return to regular activities

As soon as you feel capable, you can return to your daily activities. Returning to a normal life routine can be another contribution to further mental recovery. In any case, if you have a dilemma and you are undecided, listen to your doctor. Also, ask him if there are any instructions regarding physical activity and how to follow them.

Planning a new pregnancy

The experience that a woman experiences when she loses her pregnancy brings immeasurable sorrow and pain. Having an abortion is very difficult. Therefore, emotional recovery takes much longer than physical. It is important for a woman to allow herself to grieve, because only in that way can she gradually reach acceptance and recovery.

 It is best to talk to your doctor about when it is time to plan a new pregnancy. It is generally recommended that you go through at least one to three menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. During this time, visit regularly a gynecologist.

For successful preparation

Your doctor will most likely recommend a healthy diet and the importance of supplements in preparation for pregnancy. One of the most important substances recommended for use 12 weeks before conception is folate.

Pregnatol Active Folate + Vit B12 contains folate and vitamin B12 in natural forms. It is intended for women who are preparing and want to stay pregnant, as well as pregnant women during pregnancy.

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