Natural Inhalation
Effects of Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus

The flowering season of trees, grasses and weeds is also the time of year when different types of mold emit spores, which is why there are prominent symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Natural Inhalation – Effects of Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or popularly called hay fever, occurs at the time of plant reproduction and disrupts the quality of life of many, making breathing difficult, in the first place.

Essential Oils – Natural Inhalation

Luckily, inhalation using essential oils of lavender, mint and eucalyptus is a natural solution that facilitates breathing and alleviates all the problems that occur due to allergies:

Lavender Inhalation

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves headaches and acts as a natural antihistamine by relaxing and relieving stress, which is one of the causes of increased histamine levels.

Lavender is used to make cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, baths, and they all have one thing in common – relaxing effect. Precisely because of its relaxing property lavender  is also used as an ingredient in anti-allergic preparations.

Lavender soothes and improves the quality of sleep, having a beneficial effect on the muscular and nervous system. By soothing effects, it alleviates unpleasant coughing, which is a common symptom of allergic rhinitis.

With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents infection and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Mint – Natural Inhalation

Mint essential oil is used as a natural inhalation, because it very successfully clears a stuffy nose. Very significant benefits that are achieved also refer to stimulation of bronchial mucus expulsions from the airways.

By its effect, it calms, reduces tension and alleviates other symptoms of hay fever – headache, cough and hoarseness.

Thanks to its ingredient, rosmarinic acid, which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, mint has a relieving effect on all symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which is why it is a very common ingredient in the treatment of allergic inflammatory conditions.

Mint essential oil, with its refreshing and strong aroma and scent, applied as a natural inhalation, reduces allergy symptoms:

A study from 2019 showed that rosmarinic acid also reduces asthma symptoms.

Eucalyptus – Natural Inhalation for Sinuses

Eucalyptus has an anti-inflammatory effect and is most often used in the composition of preparations for relieving and reducing cough and nasal congestion.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptus works naturally by clearing the nose and relieving headaches. It additionally acts by expelling mucus from the sinuses. Natural inhalation of eucalyptus affects the expansion of the bronchi and the expulsion of accumulated mucus. Thus, eucalyptus significantly facilitates breathing and alleviates the discomfort caused by allergic rhinitis. An ingredient called eucalyptol or cineole found in eucalyptus oil is actually most credited for its beneficial properties. Namely, eucalyptol has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it reduces the frequency of coughing and secretion in the airways, relieves nasal congestion and headaches.

Oral use of eucalyptus oil is not recommended, because even small amounts can be toxic. The best and safest way to apply it is through natural inhalation.

Anxiety and stress are common in children and adults who have allergic rhinitis, and they occur precisely because of the discomfort caused by allergy symptoms. Eucalyptol is also helpful in that case, because in addition to being anti-inflammatory, it also has soothing properties.

With its anti-inflammatory properties, eucalyptol additionally has an effect on pain relief.

The Combined Effect of Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus

Lavender, mint and eucalyptus essential oils are most effective when applied together in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and to facilitate breathing. As lavender, mint and eucalyptus have similar and compatible properties, using them together for natural inhalation exhibits the best healing properties of these plants.

Natural inhalation – How It is Applied

Thanks to Spiranto inhalation patches, which contain essential oils of lavender, mint and eucalyptus, natural inhalation is applied very simply.

The patch, which lasts for 8 hours, sticks to pyjamas or bedding during the night, or to the wardrobe in the chest area during the day, thus enabling continuous inhalation.


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