Indoor games with children

During the growth and development of little ones, it is necessary to stimulate them constantly and in different ways in order for them to reach their full psychological and physical potential. A great opportunity for this is fun games in the family setting, especially when children are forced to spend extended periods during the day at home.

Indoor games with children

Whether it’s cold winter days, hot summer afternoons, or the pandemic of some vicious virus (there, that’s possible, too!), games with kids at home should be something that every parent can easily organize.

Cooking and other fun home chores for games with kids at home

Although housework is often not fun for adults, especially when they have to do it daily, it can easily become a fun game in the company of children.

Cracking and whisking eggs, kneading dough, stacking sliced fruits and vegetables, dusting, emptying the washer and dryer – all those home tasks can be presented to children through playing and they are actually a chance to practice motor skills and organizational skills.

Given that a child’s brain develops based on the daily experiences he or she is acquiring, it is a good idea to use every opportunity to learn something new through play.

In accordance with age, the child is capable of performing various household chores. It is on this that the famous Montessori pedagogical program is based. According to said program, the best household chores for children are: washing dishes, dusting, pet care, cleaning the terrace, preparing breakfast or dinner, setting a table, watering flowers, vacuuming, arranging clean laundry, taking out the trash, making tea, wiping windows.

Games with children at home in the form of a home Olympics

When children cannot go outside, they do not have the opportunity to engage in sufficient physical activity. Because of this, they can be on edge, and it will be harder to put them to sleep when the evening comes. Remember that playing with your kids at home is also an opportunity to spend more quality and fun time with your kids.

Turn your living room into a super fun sports hall and host a home Olympics. According to the possibilities of the area in which you live you can set different obstacles for skipping, a hole for throwing the ball, space for “fencing”, a race course for a one-legged race.

Playing games with kids in the house to practice fine motor skills

Tweezers, staples, papers, needle and thread, chips, beads, beans … Depending on your child’s age, choose props and design a game with clear rules.

Small items can be grabbed with your fingers or tweezers and moved from one bowl to another. To make the game more interesting in one bowl you can pour water. Children can compete with each other who will complete the task sooner, or they can be on their own team against the parents.

Consider showing your child small items to play with and asking them to design a game on their own. You may be surprised at your child’s creativity.

Meeting the family tree

Not too long ago, probably when you were a kid yourself, one of everyone’s favourite family evening go-tos was going through family photo albums.

Thanks to the development of modern technology, so many images fly in front of the eyes of today’s children throughout the day that it is probably difficult to express them in numbers. The game we suggest also involves looking at pictures, but not on the screen, but those in old family photo albums, or from boxes with frayed edges.

Restore the old tradition through a fun game with your kids at home. The game is also an opportunity for the children to get to know their family tree and learn more about their ancestors, of course in accordance with their age and maturity.

You can organize the game in two ways – as a recognition and guessing game, or as a classic memory game. This game develops the skill of memory.

Both young and older children are confronted daily with situations where they have to apply problem-solving skills. To help them be more skilled and successful, you can help them through exercise, during fun games for children at home in the company of their favourite family members.

At the same time, these are great opportunities to take your children away from the irresistibly attractive screens, at least briefly.


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