How to stay calm and healthy in a crisis

While millions of people around the globe stay and work from home because of the pandemic of the corona virus, children do not go to kindergartens and schools, the life you are used to leading is definitely no longer the same.

How to stay calm and healthy in a crisis

There are many reasons why you may feel insecure and anxious – you do not have the freedom to move, you often come across empty supermarket shelves, you wonder if your business will continue to run successfully, you cannot persuade your parents over 65 to stay in their homes, you are afraid of getting infected…

How to stay calm and stay healthy in the moment is really the most important thing.

How to stay calm – Know that you are not alone

Fear and insecurity are quite common feelings that occur in a person when confronted with something they do not understand or when they are in a threatening and unsafe situation.

The corona virus epidemic, the state of emergency and the declared pandemic of this disease in the world, can surely provoke such emotions in everyone. They can further exacerbate social isolation, heighten anxiety, and affect sleep quality…

Because of all this, every individual should know that despite the specific and difficult social conditions they are in, they are still not alone and lonely. This attitude can make it easier for people to tolerate isolation and stay calm.

How to stay calm – Keep to your routine

Although you don’t have to rush to beat the morning rush and get to work on time, you don’t have to prepare your lunch in advance and plan a break, but it’s still best to keep some routine.

A daily routine can help you feel calm and accomplished. The information we receive on a daily basis through the media is constantly changing and it is uncertain what new things are going to happen each day. It is for this reason that an established routine can provide a sense of security and certainty and allow us to remain calm.

How to Stay Calm – Relax

In order not to get too overwhelmed by the thoughts of what tomorrow brings, it is best to focus on the moment you are in.

No matter that you cannot go for a walk, run, or go to your favorite gym, you can workout at home. Include some of your relaxation techniques, such as yoga or meditation in your daily exercise program.

How to stay calm – Help others

It may seem that you currently have no control over your life. That is why it is good to deal with things that you can control, and that can give you a sense of worth.

Studies have proven that by caring for others, people get a sense of purpose. Therefore, be available to your loved ones – people you share a home with, family, relatives, but also colleagues and neighbors.

Some will need a cooked meal, and some will just need time to talk. By helping them, you are actually helping yourself stay satisfied and calm.

How to stay healthy

There are many factors that affect health, and immunity is the one that protects us from getting sick, but that immunity also protects us when we get sick. In order to boost immunity, it is important that we adhere to healthy habits, both in lifestyle and in the diet and ingesting important nutrients.

According to studies and analyzes, black elderberry extract contains a number of active ingredients – flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, minerals and vitamins – that work together to successfully boost the immunity, but also to fight viral infection if it occurs.

By acting in the early stages of a viral infection, the black elderberry acts directly, blocking key viral proteins responsible for binding to cells as well as entering the host cells. By blocking the viral cycle in the early stages of action, the chances of stopping the virus are increased.

Black elderberry extract also works indirectly. It activates a healthy immune system to produce more inflammatory cytokines, thus allowing a more effective response to the viral infection.

In addition to boosting your immunity, you will also increase your ability to stay healthy by adhering to the official prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health:


Black elderberry and its effect on viruses

Black elderberry and its effect on viruses

Namely, scientific research has shown how elderberry fruit extract can work by preventing the virus from entering the cell, while activating the immune system to respond adequately. Studies have shown that elderberry can block the replication of the virus, even after the virus enters the cell, at different stages of viral infection.

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