Favourite inhalation patch for children now under a new name

Eucalyptus, mint and lavender - a recognizable and favourite combination in Spiranto inhalation patch can now be found in pharmacies under a new name - Respiratol.

Favourite inhalation patch for children now under a new name – Respiratol

The name change was necessary to protect our distinctive brands and trademarks on all markets on which the product is finally available after huge demand. 

The name Respiratol is new, but the combination is old, healing, and proven effective! Essential oils of mint, lavender, and eucalyptus successfully decongest children’s noses in respiratory infections, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, reduce the symptoms of runny nose, sore throat and cough.

Eucalyptus essential oil decongests children’s noses very quickly. It also relieves headache, soothes cough, and has a strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. 

Mint essential oil is a long-known remedy. It also successfully decongests the nose and acts as an expectorant (for coughing). In addition, it relaxes muscles, reduces tension, headache, cough, cold, hoarseness; it lowers body temperature and reduces allergy symptoms.

Lavender essential oil is traditional medicinal oil that decongests the nose and soothes cough. It also has a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect. It improves sleep, has a beneficial effect on the nervous and muscular system, suppresses skin and mucous membrane infection, and accelerates tissue regeneration.

A great combination from nature of the same composition and quality, now in Respiratol patch – eucalyptus, mint and lavender, with their combined effects, reduce headache, cough, hoarseness, fever and the symptoms of cold and flu.

Thank you for your understanding and trust!


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