Boredom is good for children

Although parents often fear and do their best to keep their children from being bored, scientific breakthroughs have proven that boredom is actually desirable. Boredom, like leisure, leads to creativity, and creativity to discoveries, sometimes small ones and sometimes large ones.

Boredom is good for children

Teaching your child to decide on their own what to do when he or she is bored may be the best gift a parent can give a child as it is growing up.

Boredom encourages creativity

As studies have shown, people are much more creative when they are bored. The same is true of children. The simplest explanation for this claim is that the human mind just works that way. When a child is bored, their thoughts begin to wander, they start to daydream, which then leads to creativity.

When a child has no source of entertainment, he or she has the opportunity to exercise their imagination. It is a valuable skill to develop in moments of boredom.

Given the changes in the professional and business environment and the assumption that many of today’s children will pursue professions that do not yet exist, the fact is that they must master the skills that will benefit them the most. In addition, creativity and imagination will help them adapt to changing conditions.

Boredom is good for reflection and analysis

When people or children are bored, their brains usually “turn” to the past and memory. It is an opportunity to review and reflect on some of the actions and events that help children avoid repeating some of the wrong moves that have been made earlier.

Of course, a child does this according to his or her age and level of brain development, but this flow of thought still happens.

Boredom is also a very important element for finding a personal identity. When a child is bored, they have the opportunity to evaluate their experiences as well as develop their personal worldview, which makes them mentally stronger for later life challenges.

Boredom is a motivator

Most parents are aware that they will not be able to organize every minute of their children’s leisure time. Therefore, it is good for children to start having fun on their own as early as possible.

Once they realize that they can have fun on their own, the children will be more and more motivated and independent each time. By leaving them bored, parents do them a favor by letting them learn an important life skill.

Boredom allows children to practice decision-making and find ways to become interested in the world around them.

By letting children get bored, parents actually “upgrade” and educate them. Children that have the opportunity to get bored as they are growing up, grow into adults who are motivated, happy to take the initiative, who are confident in themselves and make an interesting company for other people.


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