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Why is Babytol D3+K1 recommended, and not other vitamin D3 product or drops vit vitamin A and vitamin D? What is the difference?


Babytol D3+K1 is a combination of two important vitamins necessary for the healthy development of newborns, in daily recommended dosage of 400IJ of Vitamin D3, for preventing the rickets, and 25mcg of Vitamin K1, for preventing the late haemorrhagic disease.

Babytol D3+K1 should be used from 8. day of the infant’s life, until the third month, in newborns who are breastfed, and in infants that have a mixed diet that contains less than two meals of infant’s formula throughout the day.

Other products contains vitamin D3 only, not in the recommended daily dosage.

Vitamin A is not recommended for the daily supplementation in newborns because breast milk is rich in vitamin A. No additional supplementation is needed. Baby’s formula also has the recommended amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is liposoluble vitamin, and amounts greater than daily needs are stored in the body, which may lead to adverse effects.