BIMUNAL – colds and the flu, the immune system

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Bimunal syrup contains elderberry extract (a traditional plant), beta glucane yestimun (natural polysaccharides found in the wall of beer yeast) and zinc. Furthermore, Bimunal does not contain additives and preservatives.
The content of Bimunal syrup is natural and safe for children of one year and older. There is only the restriction in cases of hypersensitivity (allergic) to any ingredient.

There are no side effects, and no upper limit for using yestimun beta glucane and elderberry extract (no possibility for overdose).

On the official label in Europe the syrup is recommended for children older then 1 year of age, for the treatment of cold and flu and upper respiratory infections caused by a virus.

Due to the national legal regulations and laws, Bimunal is in some Balkan countries (Serbia) registered for children older then 3 years of age.


Bimunal syrup taken in the first 2 hours when the symptoms of cold and flu occur and taken in the recommended dosage of 15 ml per day will shorten the duration of colds and the flu by 2 to 4 days. One bottle will enough for 10 days treatmant. Viral infections should not last longer than that!

For the preventive and boost the immune system, Bimunal is administrated in the dosages of 5 ml per day, and one bottle can then last for an entire month.

Bimunal syrup continuously can be used for 3 months. After 3 months short break of 10 days should be applied, only because of zinc, in order to avoid an over-saturation of the receptors.


Bimunal syrup is a “clean label” product, which means that it does not contain preservatives and additives. For this reason the syrup contains fructose, i.e. fruit sugar, which is also a natural preservative.


Elderberry fruit extract contains over 40 active substances: flavonoids (anthocyanins, flavanols), polyphenols (tannin), mineral substances (including iron), vitamin C.

Clinical studies have shown that the extract of the elderberry fruit has antiviral properties – it destroys viruses, binding itself to them, and block virus to enter in the cell. Elderberry fruit extract also prevents virus reproduction. Additionally, stimulates an immune response.